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03 JANUARY 2024

Door Replacement Costs: What to Know

A good patio door improves the look and function of your home — a great patio door can transform your space. The right door adds beauty to your home and seamlessly connects your indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you’ve shopped around for a new replacement patio door, you know they come in a wide range of costs. But why? Understanding the cost can be confusing with the different materials, sizes, window types, features, and options. This guide will break down the factors influencing cost and help you find that perfect patio door.

Material Options:

Patio door frames come in a variety of materials, each with advantages and disadvantages.

  • Wood provides a timeless and cozy look but requires consistent upkeep to prevent problems like rot.
  • Vinyl, while lower-maintenance and cheaper, can be less durable than other materials.
  • Aluminum frames are lightweight but have a higher U-factor, leading to more heat escape.
  • Fiberglass frames boast strength and minimal maintenance.

When choosing a door frame, consider your home's architecture, local climate, and maintenance preferences to find the optimal fit.

Door Types and Styles:

Replacement patio doors come in various types and styles, including sliding, swinging, and folding doors. Each has its own benefits and price range. Some popular patio door replacement options include:

  • Swinging Door — A swinging door features one or multiple side hinged-panels that swing open and closed.
  • Sliding Patio Door — A sliding door featuring a slim profile for a more contemporary styling and increased daylight opening.
  • Folding Door — Folding doors, also called bi-fold doors, consist of multiple panels hinged to each other that fold open and closed like an accordion.
line drawings of replacement patio doors

The size and configuration of your patio door will impact the overall cost. Have your space measured by professionals and explore standard sizes to help manage costs effectively. Consider your style and space constraints when selecting the type of patio door that suits your lifestyle. 


Patio doors can be customized with various features and accessories, including:

  • Blinds between the glass
  • Divided lites
  • Built-in security features
  • Stylish hardware

While these additions can enhance the functionality and appearance of your doors, they may also contribute to the overall cost. Prioritize the features that matter most to you.

Energy Efficiency:

Energy efficiency significantly influences patio door replacement costs. Opting for doors with features like Low E glass and proper insulation can have a higher upfront cost but may pay off in the long run through reduced energy bills. Energy-efficient patio doors minimize heat loss or gain, which is better for the environment. When considering patio door replacement costs, factoring in the potential energy savings can make the investment more economical over time, offering financial and environmental benefits.


Another critical element in door cost is the manufacturer's warranty. Is the material durable? Does the manufacturer and installer stand behind their product and service? Be sure to review the warranty and ask questions. Choosing a patio door with a solid warranty and minimal maintenance requirements can contribute to cost savings over the door's life.

The Infinity Difference:

At Infinity from Marvin, we believe replacing your patio doors is a decision you should only have to make once.

That's why our doors are made with the strength and beauty of Ultrex® fiberglass. This makes our patio doors resistant to leaks, seal failures, and stress cracks that can compromise energy efficiency and long-term cost. Infinity also offers many patio door styles and customization options to ensure your door best suits your lifestyle and budget. Lastly, even though our patio doors are Built for Life®, we proudly offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty to give you peace of mind for as long as you own your home. 

Whether you’re looking to bring new life to your home or just replace that broken door with something comparable, there’s a patio door for you and your budget.

Still have questions? Infinity can help. Just schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.


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