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02 MAY 2022

History of Infinity from Marvin

For over 100 years, Marvin Windows and Doors has provided customers across the U.S. with high-quality windows and doors and exceptional customer support. Now, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of made-to-order window and door products, Marvin continues to lead the industry in product design and function. Family-owned and operating under the leadership of the 4th generation, Marvin has grown to become an iconic Minnesota company with both national and international presence.

Four Generations of Marvin

The beginning of Marvin Windows

In 1904, George Marvin arrived in tiny Warroad, MN — a small town nestled next to Lake of the Woods, just 6 miles south of the Canadian border. After recognizing an opportunity with the booming lumber industry this region provided, George established the Marvin® Lumber and Cedar Company in 1912. 

Introducing Integrity®

After decades of success, Marvin partnered in the development of a superior fiberglass building material that outperforms and outlasts all other window replacement materials — Ultrex®. After making its first appearance in select door sills and other door components, Marvin introduced a new window line made with real wood interior and an Ultrex fiberglass exterior under the brand line Integrity, now known as the Marvin Elevate and Essential Collections.

Ultrex fiberglass diagram

Marvin adds replacement products

Marvin broadened their scope in the late 1990's to reach even more homeowners and provide best-in-class solutions for their window and door needs. Building on the success of the Ultrex fiberglass exterior option, and recognizing an additional market opportunity, the Marvin company decided to focus on a part of the market segment they had limited presence in — replacement windows and doors. Homeowners had been using Marvin products for replacement projects for years, the only issue was the products they were using were designed for new construction with rough openings. This meant in every replacement scenario, the entire window and door, including the frame, would have to be completely removed from the opening. This worked, however, in many instances structurally sound frames were being needlessly removed and discarded.

At this time, insert replacement products were making a surge in the window replacement industry. This meant if the window’s original wood frames were in good condition, they could be left within the wall and a new replacement window could be installed using a frame within frame installation. Marvin needed a window that utilized this insert replacement approach.

Infinity from Marvin

Recognizing an opportunity to offer high-quality fiberglass replacement windows and doors and providing professional installation on every project by authorized and qualified retailers, Infinity replacement windows from Marvin was created to be a true differentiator in the market. With a true passion for doing things right and doing them better than anyone else, two key individuals within the Marvin company partnered to bring the line of replacement windows from concept to reality. Dan Marvin and Tom Goldsmith each brought their unique skill set together to drive the development of Infinity products and the brand as a whole. Infinity Replacement Windows from Marvin was officially launched in October 2002 as Marvin’s replacement window line. After two decades of growth and success, Dan Marvin and Tom Goldsmith remain the two key pillars that support the Infinity brand and continue to lead Infinity into the future. 

Infinity from Marvin logo changes

As Infinity from Marvin continues to grow the goals have remained the same, to produce a line of high-performance replacement windows and doors and provide a stress-free experience from initial consultation to window and door installation. Visit Infinity from Marvin for more information on window and door replacement products.


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