Replacement Single Hung Windows

The Infinity Single Hung offers the same great performance and classic style as the Infinity Double Hung, only with a fixed top sash.
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Single Hung

Replacement Single Hung Window Features

  • Move the lower sash up to let a breeze in your home
  • Designed with all the character and traditional details of wood windows — with a sleek frame for contemporary appeal
  • Our easy tilt operation makes cleaning from inside your home simple and easy – simply unlock and raise the sash slightly, press the tilt release button and slide the lock lever over the button, and tilt the sash into the room for easy cleaning without screen removal
Single Hung

Replacement Single Hung Window Options

Infinity Single Hung windows are available in various sash styles. You can opt for sash of different proportions by choosing Cottage or Oriel style.


Infinity Single Hung windows are available in a variety of assembly options. A window assembly consists of two or more windows mulled (attached) together. A local Infinity expert can talk you through single hung configuration possibilities.

Picture Mull
Round Top Mull
Two-Wide Mull
Three-Wide Mull
Picture Three-Wide Mull


We offer a variety of exterior colors to suit any home’s style. We use a proprietary acrylic finish on our Ultrex® fiberglass that’s virtually impermeable to help protect your investment from wind, weather, and color fading.

Stone White
Pebble Gray
Bahama Brown

* Finish samples are approximate. Please schedule an in-home consultation or visit a showroom to see actual color samples.


We use the same acrylic finish on our interior as on our exterior for superior performance. Or choose EverWood®, our stainable engineered wood grain finish, to blend seamlessly with your existing décor. All offer virtually no maintenance — just remarkably reliable performance.

Stone White

* Bronze interior is only available with Bronze exterior.
* Ebony interior is only available with Ebony exterior.
* Sierra interior is not available with Ebony exterior.
* Finish samples are approximate. Please schedule an in-home consultation or visit a showroom to see actual color samples.

Performance Glass

Primarily used in colder climates, Low E1 allows more heat in (maximum solar heat gain) to warm a room while blocking heat loss (radiant heat transfer). Achieve maximum benefits when used on elevations with direct sun exposure. Low E1 has one layer of metallic coating.

By reflecting heat back to its source, Low E2 offers year-round performance in moderate climates. Low E2 will help retain heat (solar heat gain) in your home during the winter and keep heat out during the summer. Low E2 has two layers of metallic coating.

Low E3 is formulated to reject solar heat while letting light in, resulting in increased performance in climates with intense sun exposure. Low E3 has three layers of metallic coating.

With an extra metallic layer on the room-side glass to reflect escaping heat back into the room, Low E3/ERS provides maximum efficiency year-round in all conditions. Low E3 has four layers of metallic coating.

Specialty Glass

Increases glass strength to help prevent breakage. This option is ideal for windows and doors that are close to the floor or located in high-traffic areas.

Even more durable than tempered glass, laminated glass is often referred to as impact resistant or safety glass due to its vinyl interlayer that tends to remain in place when cracked.

Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class Glass has increased pane thickness, ideal in areas where exterior noise is a concern.

A dual pane option where one pane is made of regular or annealed glass and the other pane is made from tempered glass, meeting California fire zone code. Infinity windows are not fire-rated.

Decorative Glass

Ideal for the space that calls for natural sunlight indoors, decorative glass allows you to create the perfect combination of style and privacy in your new Infinity replacement windows and doors. Make a beautiful statement by choosing one of Infinity's decorative glass options.

Glue Chip
Narrow Reed

Simulated Divided Lites

white window divided lites

Our Simulated-Divided-Lite (SDL) bars are built with Ultrex® fiberglass and permanently adhered in our factory to the outside surfaces of the glass. SDLs have a spacer bar between the panes of glass to offer the traditional look of divided lites.


white window grilles

Grille bars are located between the panes of insulating glass. Grilles-Between-the-Glass (GBG) combine easy cleaning with the timeless detail of a grille pattern.


We offer various divided lite patterns so you can replicate the look of your original windows and doors - or add new architectural interest to your home. Ask your local Infinity partner about additional patterns and style options.

Standard Rectangular
Rectangular 1-High
Standard Rectangle Cottage 1-High
Prairie 6-Lite
Prairie 9-Lite

We offer two screen options — our standard, a durable aluminum-surround screen with Bright View fiberglass mesh, or Hi-Transparency for a clearer view.

BRIGHT VIEW (left) and HI TRANSPARENCY (right) screens
Single Hung

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