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Different patio door styles
22 JULY 2022

Choosing the Right Patio Door for Your Home

Choosing the right patio door can completely transform your living space, expand your views, and allow you to effortlessly transition from indoor to outdoor living. With the different patio door options available, starting the replacement process can seem like a daunting task. At Infinity from Marvin, we believe this experience should be worry-free. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find the right patio door solution for your home.

Sliding, Swinging, and Folding Patio Door Options

Choosing the right material - Ultrex® fiberglass

When starting the replacement process, choosing the right patio door material has a big impact on your living space. That’s why we created Ultrex, a superior fiberglass material used by Infinity from Marvin. Compared to other materials, Ultrex is the strongest window framing material in the replacement industry and captures the beautiful details and profiles of wood windows, without the maintenance.  While other replacement materials such as vinyl can warp, shift, and crack under everyday conditions, Ultrex fiberglass is a strong, durable material that resists expanding, contracting, and decay for long-lasting performance.

Patio Door Styles

Along with choosing the right material, deciding the style of patio door for your home is an important decision in the replacement process. At Infinity from Marvin, we offer three patio door options — sliding, swinging, and folding. Before choosing a style, take an accurate measurement of your living space. The size of the room and the space allocated for the door to operate is pertinent when deciding which style suits your home best.

Sliding Patio Door

The space-saving benefits that come with Infinity’s Sliding Patio Door effortlessly connect your living spaces indoors and out. Our sliding patio doors feature narrow profiles and are customizable in 2, 3, or 4-panel configurations up to 16 feet wide for expansive, panoramic views. Easily glide our top-hung screen without getting caught on dirt or debris in the sill. Infinity from Marvin offers two different styles of sliding patio doors, the Sliding French door and the sliding patio door.

Sliding patio door in bedroom

Inswing French Patio Door

Transition seamlessly from indoor to outdoor living while enjoying wide-open views with the Infinity Inswing French Door. We’ve carefully balanced classic architectural appeal with smooth performance to give you peace of mind in your home. Our Inswing French door comes in 1, 2, or 3-panel configurations to fit nearly any space in your home and has swinging or sliding screens available depending upon your door operation.

Inswing French Door opening into living room

Bi-Fold Patio Door

Transform your home and expand your views with the Infinity replacement Bi-Fold Door. The integrated multi-point hardware system and carefully engineered top-hung design allow for effortless fingertip operation and functionality. Ultrex fiberglass door panels fold open and closed like an accordion and stack tightly for a wide opening that maximizes your views. With three bi-fold door styles, your local Infinity partner can help you find the perfect fit for your home.

Infinity bi-fold door

All doors are installed with full-frame replacements, which requires taking out the existing frame and trim. This door installation method offers the possibility of replacing your existing door with an entirely new style or larger door. With our sizing flexibility, Infinity custom doors fit nearly any size opening in your home. All Infinity replacement patio doors come with a multi-point locking system for a sense of safety and security. Your local Infinity partner will be able to answer any questions and determine the best solution for your home.

Infinity Replacement Experience 

Replacing your old patio doors shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. Infinity from Marvin focuses on streamlining your door replacement experience from start to finish — all to help you get the perfect new sliding, folding, or swinging patio door for your home. From consultation to installation, Infinity’s full-service local independent partners handle everything. They’ll meet with you for a consultation, talk you through your options and patio door features to help you decide the details, and give you an estimate.

All Infinity from Marvin patio doors come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and have a customer service team dedicated to helping answer any questions you may have after installation.

Ready to get your new patio door replacement project started? Connect with your local Infinity dealer either at home or in an Infinity showroom for a free, no-obligation quote and consultation today.


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