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08 JUNE 2022

How to Choose Between Left & Right Hand Inswing French Patio Doors

A new patio door can improve the function, safety, and beauty of your home. When replacing a patio door, homeowners are often faced with multiple decisions. From choosing the door material, to the size of the door, to features and options, the decisions you make play an important factor in the outcome of your project. When choosing an Inswing French patio door, one major decision is often overlooked — choosing between a left or right-handed door.

Now, obviously one major factor that goes into the decision between a left or right-handed door is personal preference. In some instances, choosing between the two can be an insignificant detail. However, in many cases, an obstruction on either side of the door can impact the functionality of your door and limit the space in your home.

Inswing Patio Fiberglass Door

To ensure the right fit every time, all replacement doors from Infinity are installed using the full-frame replacement method. This method requires taking out the existing frame and trim, which makes it a perfect time to consider replacing your existing door with an entirely new style or size. Because of the sizing flexibility Infinity has to offer, our custom doors fit nearly any sized opening in your home.

With Infinity, we make sure this is not a decision you make on your own. Our local, independent retail partners are experts on the replacement process and deliver a hassle-free experience designed to exceed your expectations. From our Limited Lifetime Warranty to unparalleled customer service, we go above and beyond to ensure your new patio door is perfect for your home.


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