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Ultimate Window Cleaning Guide

Seeing spots on your windows? Wondering how to clean those pesky screens? Or maybe you already have Infinity windows and you want to make them shine. Fear not! We can help.

Window cleaning doesn’t have to be hard. Some easy techniques and tips can make a big difference in achieving a clean, streak-free shine.

Safety FIRST

Eyewear for cleaning windows? We recommend it. When cleaning or performing maintenance on your windows, don't forget to wear protective eyewear and avoid loose clothing. Follow all recommended safety precautions when working with different cleaning solutions and dispose of these materials according to the manufacturer's instructions. And ALWAYS use caution on ladders. We highly recommend having another person hold the ladder while you climb. For difficult-to-reach windows that could be dangerous to reach, it may make sense to hire a professional.

When to Wash Your Windows

Obviously, how often you clean your windows depends largely on how dirty they get. But regardless of how clean they appear, we recommend cleaning them twice each year. Select a time of day when the sun isn't directly shining on the windows, as sunlight accelerates the drying process of the cleaning solution, potentially leading to streaks or spots. Aim for cloudy days or when the windows are shaded to ensure the best results. Lastly, because the cleaning solution dries rapidly, it's best to focus on cleaning one window at a time.

Window Cleaning Supplies

So, what should you use to clean your windows? Before you start, gather all the necessary supplies. Here's a list of what you'll need:

  • Lint-Free Cloths: These are essential for wiping and drying your windows. Leave the paper towel in the kitchen and opt for microfiber cloths, as they leave fewer lint particles behind.
  • Scrubber or Sizeable Brush: A scrubbing brush with a long handle can help remove stubborn dirt and grime.
  • 10-to-12-inch Squeegee with Rubber Blade & Extendable Handle: Invest in a good-quality squeegee with a rubber blade for streak-free results. The extendable handle can help significantly when cleaning the outsides of your windows.
  • Clean Bucket: Use a clean bucket for mixing your cleaning solution and dipping your squeegee. Any dirt in the bucket will show up on your clean windows.
  • Ladder: A sturdy ladder with rubber feet is essential for very high windows. Ensure it's placed on a level surface and, if possible, have someone hold the ladder.
  • Infinity Cleaning Solution: If you already have Infinity windows — congratulations! Review our approved cleaning solutions list to ensure you're cleaning your windows with the correct solution for them.

How to Clean Glass

Avoid cleaning glass when exposed to direct sunlight, as it can negatively impact the cleaning process. Begin by soaking the glass with clean water to loosen dirt and debris. Use an approved cleaning solution thoroughly, ensuring it suits the glass type. Review our approved cleaning solutions to avoid abrasive cleaning solutions or materials that could harm the glass. After cleaning, dry all cleaning solutions from window gaskets, sealants, and frames. Lastly, avoid using a scraper during cleaning to prevent damage.

How to Clean Screens

To ensure a thorough cleaning of your window screens, begin by carefully removing them and placing them on a flat, clean surface. If you're unsure about the proper screen removal technique, consult your owner’s manual (the Infinity Owner's Manual for those with Infinity windows). Next, gently spray clean water to remove accumulated dust and debris from the screens. Let the screens air-dry completely before reinstalling them. Remember to always start your screen maintenance from the exterior side of the window for both removal and replacement, ensuring a seamless process.

How to Clean Ultrex® Fiberglass

When you already have the best windows, cleaning is a breeze. Before you start cleaning the Ultrex fiberglass frames of your Infinity windows:

  • Review our Approved Cleaning Solutions list to ensure your cleaning solution is suitable for your windows.
  • Apply the cleaning solution to a soft cloth and gently wipe the fiberglass frame.
  • Rinse the surface with clean water to ensure all the remnants of the cleaning solution are removed.

As with any window frame surface, avoid applying extreme pressure or excessive scrubbing, as it can lead to unintended damage to the frame. And refrain from using solvents, paint thinners, or other chemicals, as they can harm and harm the window's surface.

How to Clean EverWood® from Infinity

EverWood looks just like wood without all the maintenance. And cleaning it is easy too. Like cleaning Ultrex, start by cleaning the surface with a damp cloth soaked in warm water. Next, use a dry cloth to wipe away moisture and allow the surface to dry completely. If the EverWood has become dirty, opt for one of our to remove the stains. Afterward, rinse off any cleaning residue with warm water and let the surface dry. As with any window frame material, avoid sanding the surface, as it may cause damage. Adhering to these steps will help preserve the beauty and integrity of your EverWood windows and doors for a lifetime.

How to Clean Hardware

Select a clean, soft, damp cloth to polish and remove fingerprints from the hardware. It's important to refrain from using household cleaners, window cleaning solutions, abrasive cleaners, bleaches, solvents, polishes, or any chemicals unless explicitly recommended by the hardware manufacturer.

Incorporating these practices into your window cleaning routine will maintain the visual appeal of your windows and enhance their beauty, longevity, and functionality. And if you have Infinity windows, these easy steps will help them last a lifetime.

Remember, there’s no shame in hiring a professional for those hard-to-reach windows that require a ladder. Safety first!

Happy cleaning, and may your windows always shine brightly, bringing in the light and the world beyond!

Need New Windows?

If you’ve washed your windows and they still look bad, it might be time to replace them. Contact a local Infinity from Marvin expert for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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