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Casement & Awning Windows

A versatile, user-friendly replacement option

One word describes Infinity from Marvin® Casements and Awnings -- easy. They are easy to choose, easy to operate and easy to love.

The Casement (left or right hinged) and Awning (top hinged) combine beauty and virtually effortless operation. The standard Easy Wash® hinge is just that -- a design that lets you easily clean the window both inside and out. The optional Clear View® hinge provides for an optimal viewing area. Both Casements and Awnings, made of Ultrex® fiberglass, feature folding handles that tuck conveniently out of the way of most window treatments and provide a clean, finished look.


We know how important energy efficiency is, and our standard LoĒ2-272 glass is a simple means of maximizing your homes thermal efficiency year-round. LoĒ2-272 reflects heat back to its source so summer heat is reflected outdoor and indoor heating in the winter is retained. LoĒ2-272 also blocks up to 84% of UV rays to reducing fading and damage to upholstery and carpet.


Our optional LoĒ3-366 glass provides increased performance for high sun exposure locations. This top-performance glass is formulated to reject solar heat while letting light in. With LoĒ3-366, light and visibility are maximized, while up to 95% of the sun’s damaging UV rays are blocked.


Our optional LoĒ3-366/i89 combines the energy efficient properties and UV protection of LoĒ3-366 with LoĒ3-366/i89, an inside surface coating that immediately reflects escaping heat back into the room increasing comfort and energy efficiency.

Tempered Glass

Both Infinity’s LoĒ2-272 and optional LoĒ3-366 glass are offered tempered. This option increases the glass strength to help prevent breakage. This option is ideal for windows that are close to the floor or located in high-traffic areas.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass is a great option for areas where privacy is desired or where light is needed but the view is un-attractive. This opaque glazing allows light to pass through but eliminates visibility. The obscure option is available on both Infinity’s LoĒ2-272 and optional LoĒ3-366 glass.

Sound Transmission Class & Outdoor – Indoor Transmission Class (STC/OITC) Glass

The STC/OITC glass option is ideal in areas when exterior noise is a concern. The increase pane thickness of this sound reducing glass option helps reduce the transmission of noise by reflecting the energy of the sound waves. The STC/OITC option is available with all Infinity glass options.

Decorative Glass Options

Ideal for that space that calls for natural sunlight indoors, decorative glass allows you to create the perfect combination of style and privacy in your new Infinity replacement windows. Make a beautiful statement by choosing one of Infinity’s decorative glass options.



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