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Technical Data

Ultrex® Specifications

Infinity's Ultrex Fiberglass Vinyl/Wood Composites (Fibrex®) Vinyl
Thermoplastic/Thermoset Thermoset Thermoplastic Thermoplastic
Reinforcement Glass Fiber Wood Fiber None
Heat Deflection Temperature 285° F 173° F 163° F
Tensile Strength 41.6 KSI 5.5 KSI 6.5 KSI
Flexural Modulus 3000 KSI 807.6 KSI 385 KSI
CTE (x10-5 IN/IN/F) 4 16 30
Surface Finish Acrylic (AAMA Certified) PVC, Polyester Urethane, Acrylics PVC
Coating Hardness H (Hardness) 35.03 (Barcol) B (Hardness) 15.00 (Barcol) NA/Substrate
Thermal Conductivity* .12 .13 .10
Impact Resistance 44 MFE (IN * LBF) 14 MFE (IN * LBF)

References: Stork Technimet/Testing Corporation: #0602-15293, #0512-14889, #0704-19702, #TCT006638P. Precision Measurements and Instruments Corporation: #13043-DS. Tecton: # ESP010521P, "Test Results for Fibrex and Ultrex". Plastics Engineering Handbook of the Society of Plastics Industry, Inc. Fifth Edition. Andersen Fibrex Manual: "A High Performance, High Value Biofiber Polymer Composite Technology". Renewal By Andersen: "Fibrex Material: A Better Alternative, A Better Window".

* Highest rate of thermal conductivity shown. Test results range from .10 - .13 for vinyl/wood composite (Fibrex) and .09 - .12 for Ultrex.

* Minimum order required. Contact retailer for details.
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