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Thinking Green

Recyling & Waste Reduction Efforts

Since Infinity's inception we have teamed with Integrity Widows to make recycling a part of the company's everyday life. From using wood pallets and wood scraps for fuel recovery to recycling aluminum pop cans and paper, the goal of the Infinity/Integrity Recycle/Re-Use Program is to eventually reduce Infinity waste streams to "zero waste." In order to accomplish this goal we have tackled the largest waste streams first and emphasize continual improvement.

Recycling Efforts

Infinity recycles many materials that would traditionally be classified as waste products and sent to the landfill.

Infinity fully recycles all corrugated cardboard from vendor shipments, diverting all usable cardboard from the plant waste streams. A local recycling company picks up three 3 yard containers of cardboard twice a week.

We separate our polyethylene waste and ship to the Recycle/Re-Use department at Integrity. Previously, polyethylene films went to the landfill as waste, today between Infinity and Integrity more than 4,000 pounds per year are recycled.

Infinity saves metal shipping straps that enter the plant from our various suppliers and sends them to the Recycle/Re-Use department at Integrity where they are sent to a local scrap metal company. Sheet steel, prepared steel and metal banding are all highly recyclable, realizing a 75% energy savings. Currently, Infinity and Integrity combined recycle 3,348 pounds of this metal per year.

Aluminum is by far the most valuable recyclable material today. It can be recycled almost indefinitely and it takes 95% less energy to convert recycled aluminum rather than to produce it from scratch. Currently, between Infinity and Integrity we collect and recycle nearly 6,000 pounds of aluminum per year.

Infinity checks all incoming glass to assure the quality of usable production pieces. Non-usable and rejected glass is returned to the supplier before use in the process. Care is taken to reduce broken pieces. At this point, Infinity has too little glass waste to recycle effectively.

Quality Assurance checks incoming Ultrex to assure quality and sends rejects back to the manufacturer, thus eliminating waste before it arrives in the plant. In turn, we optimize all of our Ultrex lineal material using an automated optimization software program. We also strive to utilize Ultrex remnant material wisely to avoid and reduce production waste.

Silicone is typically received in lined drums, which are re-used to collect chopped plastic materials. In addition, drums are sent to a Marvin company for re-use in their processes.

Office materials are currently sent to a local recycling company to divert them from the Infinity waste stream.

Waste oil and solvent disposal drums are installed for these materials, plus a certified waste oil hauler takes waste oil for recycling while waste solvents are removed by a certified hazardous waste hauler.

Infinity collects aerosol cans and batteries, bringing them to the local Hazardous Waste Facility for proper processing.

Infinity collects used lighting products for proper certified processing.

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